My Apartment is My Home! – Adult Training

It’s all about Maximizing Home Value

Many people feel that since they rent, they have little to no control of their apartment or rental home. The thinking is often that they are there temporarily and that their home is just temporary shelter.

In this seminar, the suggestion is that the renter partly owns the atmosphere of his apartment building. He or she has ownership in the safety of the apartment building or home. It’s called Community Ownership!

Research indicates that maintaining an apartment is not intuitive. It is clear that the relationship between maintaining one’s rental home or apartment and maintaining a safe and desirable community can be taught.

The training in this manual is transformative. It points out in a clear, fun, and concise way, how apartment dwellers can create value and security in their homes and communities.

Rules are difficult pills to swallow.
Reasons are the sugar that “makes the medicine go down.”

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