Dan Kuenster

Creative Director

Edutainment is media designed to educate through entertainment. Dan’s background in education and entertainment will help engage participants with Community Preservation’s content and help create a lasting impression.

Animation Director
He began his career at Walt Disney where he studied under one of the “Nine Old Men”, Eric Larsen. He later joined Don Bluth Studios, where he co-animated popular movies such as The Secret of NIMH, The Land Before Time and An American Tale. He co-directed All Dogs Go to Heaven and Rock-A-Doodle.

While at Don Bluth Studios in the early 1980s, Dan was on the animation team of the first-ever interactive laser disc video games, Dragon’s Lair and its sequel Space Ace, which received rave reviews for their theater-quality animation.

Emmy Award Winner
In April of 2004, the National Television Academy presented Dan with an Emmy for his Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation as a Storyboard Artist for Jakers, which airs on PBS.

Gaming and Educational Programs
Dan began to explore multimedia at 7th Level, where he designed and directed award-winning CD-ROM Edutainment programs and games.

Dan spent 15 years developing educational software for Istation, a Dallas based interactive software company, were his work reaches out to millions of students around the world. His creativity helps bring Reading, Science and Math to a new level of engagement and understanding.

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